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When you’re a sort-of-regular Vodafone Uganda customer, you want to know where your data goes, how fast you’re using it and when you’re going to be cut off (among other things). People assume that an Arts blogger like me shouldn’t be using too much data, I promise you’re wrong. We have to follow online dramas like the one of the Photographer vs the Writer, the one of a misunderstood post by a Kenyan blogger, book festivals like #AkeLitFest, we have to read up on the madness of awarding prizes meant for literature to singers, and much more…So data is not a small matter.

In fact, it reminded me of the Gideon Bible; the little New Testament ones. Stay with me. I am talking about data but it reminds me of that ka Bible.

Previously on 24…sorry, I mean Vodafone, I had to go to their web portal to check. Frankly this was a little cumbersome because you had to go through loops to find exactly what you wanted. For example for me to retrieve this information I almost had to go to a pastor for prayer.

Data Balance Vodafone on Web Portal
And I got this before the web portal revamp.

It’s not exactly any easier with their revamped web portal because I still have failed to login.



This is where the app comes in handy because first and foremost, it’s accessible from my phone which is ever near, hands or pocket, very much like a New Testament Gideon Bible.

Home Page Vodafone App

The most important thing is the first thing you see : Your name, your data balance and account balance, so you know how you stand with a glance. The Gideon Bible also starts by telling you how much God loves YOU, of your spiritual bankruptcy and the ability to redeem it! (For God so loved the world, n’ebigenderako.)

Anyway, the app. After the first screen, everything else for me is elementary. I will explain what I mean according to the app’s menu.

Payment History

The app shows the last recorded payment, in my case -149,000 for the unlimited bundle. This can be useful for budgeting and accountability.

Usage History

It’s basically data usage history that you’re being shown. If you have used the data calculator on the Vodafone site, this tool is more practical and accurate, because if you take your time to add up your data, you can know how much you’re using for sure and can reduce consumption if you’re “over chewing”.

Data Usage My Vodafone App

Top Up

I have the voucher option currently only active. It’s not doing much at the moment.

Transfer Credit

Question, Vodafone, why would I transfer credit? In the event that I need to though, I will use this. It has a section for transfer history in case you forget who you were sending credit too or if someone is sending themselves data from your account. I have trust issues.


I tried buying one of the available bundles but it keeps telling me “invalid phone number”. Perhaps it is because one can only buy a bundle if it’s more than the current balance? No buying less? No moving backwards?  I don’t know, I am taking it up with the Help section.


One lovely day, I will check this option and Vodafone would have sent me some offers. Like the ones in the Gideon Bible. You just turn and check where to find peace, and the verse is there – instant spiritual nutrition! Anyway, the app…

Store Finder 

You have to enable GPS in your settings for this to work. If you’re wary of being tracked, perhaps leave this function alone. Nonetheless, it shows nearest stores and has a green light to indicate if they are open. If you click on a store, your Google Maps should open and allow you start your track there. It also shows “Terminals”, which are not Vodafone stores but have Vodafone license. These have no green lights but are also integrated with Google Maps.

My Profile

In case you want to change your username or password, this is the place to come. Cues


In addition to an FAQ , you can chat or call Vodafone to have your issues sorted. There is also cross app functionality with the Chat + app which is another Vodafone App that allows on-net free calls and texts.

What I love about the app is I can switch between accounts (I really love this feature). With more than one MiFi, this is handy especially if you load data like me interchangeably on the MiFi’s.

Overall, the sleek appearance, ease of use makes it a handy partner for any Vodafone user.  It puts more power in the palm of the user as regards managing your data and credit.  Generally speaking “Power to You”. Personally, you can strip away everything else from the app and leave the Home Screen and I would be fine.  If you do not have it, download it here


Please check out Kirabo’s very detailed post on the same >> the customer remains KING”.


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