Poem: I Shall Turn Off the Lights

I shall turn off the lights

(See no evil hear no evil)
There was a time your face was sunrise
And your voice was a harp
Before I turned deaf and colourblind.

I shall turn down the rhythm in my heart

(The music of love is a dream I regret;)
The bark is flimsy from over drumming
It is thinned out to a thread,
And I’m worn out by the taut cadence.

I shall forget what I saw and felt

(Mirages of bliss on deserts of lies)
You never know the abyss of insanity
Till you’re dizzy and eating sand
Bleeding green till you dry up.

There’s some escape in being alone

(Perhaps out of sight, out of mind..)
Exempted from interactions and their residues;
Not batting off after-thoughts
Memories, regrets, teleporting black holes.

I shall turn off the lights

(Hope the darkness will make me forget you)
Draw the curtains on this astral dream
Stop the ebbs of this stubborn pulse
Put this enchantment to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Poem: I Shall Turn Off the Lights

  1. Three thumbs up, Nev!

    Something about this poem reminds me of Jagjit Singh's 'No Roots, No Leaves, No Buds.

    I have felt all the feels of this one Ssebo.


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