Plight of the World.

You know the plight of us; all the pains and the strains that this life covers
Things never go right, it’s the gripe of us
It’s like life came and took all the life from us, from us
Was supposed to go this way, hearts cold from coast to coast this days
Full of hope and nope it’s gone, this grave
We need light and life to come invade
This cold world ain’t nice to us
We so blind like the sights took our sight from us
I know you heard it more than once kinda like stutters
But this world needs help, all the likes of us, of us
What a lonely road is paved, with some broken souls that (groan midways)
On our domes we long to go get away, we cant go it alone come on invade

In this broken world we wanna find a way,
Cause it all went wrong, tell me who can take it away
come and invade our world.

You know the place where we placed at
It’s like loves been erased they replaced that
There’s no food in the crib where they plates at
The kid got shot in the place where he plays at
Jay said this can’t be life, I’m lookin at the world like this can’t be right
We lookin for the light but we can’t be night
We lookin for our health but we can’t see right (see right)
Comin y’all we gotta face facts
His years go tears roll down hhis face ??
When he had a lot of hope it would fade black
Now he cold and he ain’t really fazed at anything
Anything his face seems light, cause his moneys out like they made three strikes
Needs something to come down invade these nights
A real life Hero need that’ll make things right

I know of some folks thinkin, this dude trippin what he drinkin
What kinda little dream he chasin, he gonna spend his whole life waitin (I’m waitin)
For someone to come down to change this song, but not just me man creation groans
We are waitin for someone to erase this wrong
The Kingdom is here the invasion’s on.

Trip Lee-Invade


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