Piano she played

Piano , set in lonely hallway, high ceiling, closed stained windows with pictures of cupids, hovering on stooping hooded figure. The silence, cold and dry emits dreary darkness in the lamp-less hall. It’s covered with hues, blues, greens, reds, imprinted by the moon light passing through the windows.

A high note.


The heart readies itself for elevation upon wings of anticipated bliss. The high notes rise and his cadence rises with them. High and sharp, they move quickly one to another, musical hopscotch leaving a danceable trail. So he taps his feet and bangs his thighs, and nods his head and snaps his fingers and so soon we have him upon that tide. Piano keys, they lift him high.

A low key.


So the movement stops, there’s a chill inside, it would seem that now, there was night to fear. And the fingers stopped, and the tap went down, and the head didn’t nod, cold breeze came down. A slow fade, the notes were lower and lower and his head did droop, his heart resigned, the echoes died out.

And the lonely ones came. First the highs, then the lows. The keys interspersed among themselves as the pace picked up. Should I dance or be still, tap my feet, calm my head? It was all meted out, pretty fast, and to choose how to move left it I, to my bones. So I danced, yes I danced, in the highs, in the lows; yes the man, it was I, hiding nigh, ‘twixt the shadows of the hall.

In the cadence of her notes, piano sounds found me out, out the shadows did I come out of the hallway to the night. Under night, silver light,found my rhythm, found my dance; for she played ‘nchanting tones, they set me on fire, made me cold, in one sweep, untied my soul.

She played piano of the heart.


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