Pause. For all those in the North
Pause. For the stranded in the East.
Pasue. For the naked on the street
Coz life is meaningless if you’re living it alone.

Pause. For the babies abandoned.
Pause. For the one with no home
Trying to find a niche
When it rains at night.

It ain’t right to just look by
Drowning the thought of concern
In a sec or moment
You know tables can turn.

Pause. For those in pain
Shouting for help in a hospital bed.
Pause. For the mother in black
No more tears to cry, after the last son died.

Pause. When you sleep in a warm bed
Think that God spared you the cold.
Pause. When your swallowing that piece
Thank that you got food on the table.

Pause. Every now and then
Never let your passions take your mind away-
Simply put this way
God is the reason that you’re blessed today.

( Pray for those in the North and East, the orphans, the homeless, the poor who live on less than a dollar a day. You spend 10 a day. The people you pass by on the street, didn’t chose that way… so think about God today. Better yet, do something about it today.)


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  1. you have given me cause to more than give your poetry more than just a glance, i choose now to give it a chance!
    i know...LOL! my attempts at rhyme are a heinous crime! l8r!


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