Today I welcome a guest blogger, Miss Olivia Odhiambo sharing some poetic insight. She is a Kenyan Christian who is currently trying to find a happy medium between the idealism of student days and the pragmatism of life outside the bubble that college can sometimes be. She loves edifying conversation and the occasional cup of Kenyan AA; and entertains the dream of owning her very own Black Mamba (or roadster, whichever you prefer) one day. She blogs at The African Agora.

We were paper-chasers
When we were fresh young things
Because the ephemera of “today”
Was simply more promising
And we were free, like the wind
Uninhibited, unsullied
Blissful in our ignorance, flawed in our youth
Grasping at gales, chasing that paper

The mirror appeared, and the white became tainted
The wind became leaves and skins
The paper became as rock, weighty
And love became as wax in the cold of indifference
They say time, like the tide, takes no prisoners
So bound, we waited, suspended in chronos
Until, in a rare burst of clarity, we cried out in our hearts
At once a whisper and a whelp – help, Jesus!

Liberty thundered on the wings of the clouds
Gone were the stains, loosed were the chains!
The Fuller’s soap washed away the caustic, wound-inflicting wounds
Help was availed, glory prevailed
Mercy and kindness, freedom from blindness
Gravitas, terra firma
Petra – solid truth
From real rags to true riches
From folly to wisdom:
“Take heed, and beware of covetousness”
Be wary of the paper-chaser.


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