Ori mi u wo e Lagi mo!! Wooo

Soulsnatcha and Sokleva are my latest music craze. These two belong to a group called Roof Top Mc’s and their music is off the shi-hizzle. It would be good to point out at this point that these are not from the West or from the States; these two young men are Africans from Nigeria.

I did not anticipate ever getting to know there was a group called Roof Top Mc’s or listening to their music and this is one of those (not so)pure coincidence things. I suspect I may be the only Ugandan , with my bro who know and love their music, even if it is just the one that is nominated for a Kora.

Lagi Mo is African hiphop but with a tint of those Jay-Z Linkin Park collaborations: Hiphoprock, if it exists.

We were watching the Kora show (I’m not too sure that’s the real name of the show) and were able to watch many of the guys who have been nominated for Kora Awards this year. There is some good African music out there and must I say I think it is much more creative and hands on than much of the Ugandan music I hear. Very few Ugandan musicians can hold a guitar and perform while playing it and very few know even how to put their own sound onto a song. It is all the same in Uganda, no creativity, same beats of the “kibuk’okite” fame. Some are trying but it is too computerised to sound like they worked hard at all.

Now when me and bro watched these guys play, we were blown away! The live music was so enthralling, so riveting, it played with my ears and sparked my heart! Not only was the sound great, these guys have good voices! The song they were doing is called Lagi Mo and I must be honest and say it sounds better live than on Youtube. You can find the video here Lagi Mo.

Me and my bro first mourned about how we would not be able to listen to it again because prolly no Ugandan has ever heard about Roof Top Mc’s but then I thought maybe I will talk to Lucy and see if she can get me anything from the station oba if they can play it again. Then I logged in and googled it and voila!! Solved my problem!

And gets better, I got the lyrics and you know how knowing a song’s lyrics makes is so much more enjoyable!

Honestly I love the song and I could play it over and over again. Yes, I do that with most nice new songs then I get tired of them then after sometime I reignite my love…wooo…naye friends, please share my craze and tell me what you think!

Oh and before I go

Psalm 34:22 The LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants:and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.


7 thoughts on “Ori mi u wo e Lagi mo!! Wooo

  1. Wow, those beats really 'rock.' But I'm tired of downplaying Ugandan Zik. Imma try to compose some songs myself.

  2. They do have wacky names and Roof Top MC's does not help.
    Thanks to You Tube, I was able to sample that song and it's actually hip

  3. Safyre, I think it is more about production not writing because if you have noticed, music from West Africa is modern but still you can hear the traditional beats that make it distinctively West African.

    In Uganda very few try to achieve this.

    Seems the song ain't bad, olaba Teti and Emi dig it. cool

  4. Dis guys are great,i don't knw d numba of times I'd kept listening to d song,they teach how much pride could be destructive and caution of it not limiting us in life(which is hardly found in music industries).I love d music,I even suggested my facebook friends,google search it with its lyrics.love y'all.


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