Ono omulenzi (this fella!)

There’s a guy I know, a decent homie. The intelligent and shy type. He knows a lot about a lot of things- cars, technology, warfare, languages, you name it. This guy is quite a gold mine when it comes to info. He can go on and on about stuff that is out of this world; ask him about spaceships and he’ll have an answer, robotics, he will have an answer, proper dress for chicks- I’m not overstating when I say he will have an answer. This guy alina potential. And it is not DK.

So I wonder, why does he never use his superior intelligence and general knowledge in conquering the lasses? The one thing he is never sure about is is girls. He will have the answers for all things except that. In fact he oftens comes to me asking me what this meant and why she did this and what it could imply, and honestly I am not experienced in that field so I cannot really be of help but he asks.

Guys, this boy can annoy. All of his company is fly chicks. I mean fly in the league of blogger chicks. I have bever seen him with a plain girl. They all gots wings. But boy never makes a move. In fact I think this guy helps these girls stay single when they want to be single- contracted to prevent flirters… And you know most of them are the touchy and talkative type. So you meet him with a hot madame holding hands and smiling but to find out they’re just friends.

There’s this particular chick he hangs out with these days. She’s off the chizzy, if you know what I mean, and from his stories I can sense he likes her and that he thinks she likes him. Prob-izzy is that he thinks. Doesn’t know. Has never got the guts to lumba her and assure her of “feelings struggle”. He is just too modest. Dying with feelings.

It’s not simple coz the chick has just quit her boyfie for issues of cheating and I don’t know whether my buddy is being used as the bubble gum boy. It’s painful for him coz it ain’t the first time. He has been there for so many others who after their time of mourning, moved on. He initially always thought these gurls had a thing for him but in the end, they appeared with a top notch, shiny bling muscle brother and that would be the last he would hear of them.

He ain’t the nice guy type, coz when he makes time for himself, he will have it but sometimes the begging woman can cause you to die blind. Ask Sammy who used to smite Philistines!

I don’t know what advice to give him. He really likes this chick, and and they’ve been bonding of late. Evening walks. Ice cream. Exchanging phones etc Do you think he may meet the same fate as before if he doesn’t make a move..generally I don’t even know how to help him. What do you guys say?

Baseline: Ezek 18:32 For I have no delight in the death of him who dies, says the Lord Jehovah. Therefore turn and live.

Great week. God bless


8 thoughts on “Ono omulenzi (this fella!)

  1. No matter what happens, he has got to speak up and keep trying. The failures are what eventually help you appreciate the Right One more.

    Asuleyo akagambo.

  2. @ Johnny23-hehehe- of course you would say that.
    @Muda: what if he leaves and nothing happens?
    @Petesmama: i will tell him.

  3. He just needs to talk. Tell the girl that they should be together as something not brother and sister. He shouldn't show too much emotion. He should just ask:
    "Would you be my girlfriend?"


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