Of stories telling other stories.

Stories teach many lessons. Most stories though usually without knowing it, speak of the One whose story we all are in: Romance – we speak of His love for us, for His church; action – we speak of His jealousy and constant contending for us; dramas – we speak of His patience through our unfaithfulness and perplexity; horrors – we affirm we have an enemy; comedy – we remember His joy is our strength; animations – we dream of the final day when finally we shall see Him.

Many stories inadvertently speak of our Lord, so I go beyond the story and consider the everlasting story of a community of beings who once hovered over the waters trying to find a home; of a one being yet three with one who set in place a home for one they would make out of their own image. Of a being whom they desired live in them and they in Him. Of an enemy who stole their creation away, of a temporary setback in their quest for a home.

Then we see endless stories all leading to the day one of them would live as the creation and restore all things to order and bring about a unity of them and the being they created.

Many of us are groaning for a saviour, someone to restore us to the Father, to the community of God. If we could but recognise His name! He is not Superman, or Captain Planet, or Iron Man, or Romeo, or Okwonkwo, or Rubashov or Golola Moses or whatever our simple minds have named our heroes – His name is Yeshua – The Lord Saves, Emmanuel – God is with us and He longs for a people He calls home.

He speaks all the time. He might shouting out His Son’s name through that story you’re reading. I pray you hear.

Selah. Amen.


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