Obama wins. plus other things.

I woke up intent on having a good day, and by God’s grace I shall still have it. Anyway, my first journey to work ended halfway because I realised I had forgotten office keys, so I had to journey back home and retrieve the keys. Once home I found the t.v on and realised Obama and McCain were neck to neck, I paused for a minute but then remembered I was not coming from work but still going there. I left.

Once I reached and opened my mail, first thing I saw was ” Obama becomes first black president in landslide win”. Congratulations to all those who were behind this history making moment. Sorry I cannot join the celebrations for reasons well known. I hope Ugandans do not join the foray and drink themselves silly because of this. If you do remember we still have Amama issues and Temangalo.

That aside.

I happen to be inspired by a number of things; things that make me smile, things that make me want to make a change. I will share two of these.

This morning on my way to work, I happened to see two children, both girls. One was about 5, the other probably 9 or 10. These two were quite opposite in terms of height, one tall the other short. But what inspired me was they were laughing together. The younger shorter one with her “malibu” (gaps) happily gazing at the older tall one. I looked and smiled because I saw the earnest, the simplicity, the joy, the peace, the innocence in two young children.

A sight like this is so rare among people other than children, so I thank God for children and their calming effect.

The second thing happened yesterday. On my way to a rendezvous, at the roundabout near Mutaasa Kafeero building, I saw and heard a man donning a white shirt with blue graphic speaking through a loud speaker. His t-shirt had the words “Kampala City of God”. Here was a man, who has dedicated his day to speaking truth and grace into people. He and many others are involved in constant prayer for the city, for this beloved country. I was touched, and challenged. These people love their country, their city. I mean love. So they give up their own pursuit and pray. This moved me.

And moving on still (this is a long one…)

Some bloggers I have met unofficially: lulu and Bazanye.

Lulu was once my headgirl…not so? I hope she remembers. About superstar Baz, way back at Crossing Borders writers program. The man was so quiet!!
Why do I mention this? I don’t know, just random I guess.

Lastly, coz I must get to work, I hope this inspires someone to love today genuinely.

Love does not respect distance, or time, or machinations. Love shall shine brighter than a midday sun yet remain as calming as a midnight moon.

God bless you all.


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  1. Gobama!!!

    The rest of the week should work out. God has finally spoken

    There is a lot of inspiration out there even tho many have already deemed the world a cruel place



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