Nova Aetas

Feeling empty, but you are everything
Accosted by noise, but you are the silence.
I walk a path of which ground you are
There is really nothing you don’t fill.

Simple words like undeniable,
Undeniably deny you your grandeur
Yet you exalt the humble and lower the mighty;
You undo my familiarisations of the divine.

You are that piece of paper I write upon
And yet the pen with which I write,
The thirst in my soul for you
And the drink that quenches it.

You’re a flame consuming
And the oil that spreads it,
Engulfing and clearing
Dust to dust, ash to ash; that no flesh remain.

I want no part of myself to stay
Except the part that is awake to your day,
Eyes walking in the light
Heart beating to your life.

New Zion,
I am waking up to adoption
Visions of the past unfolding reality
In this one man, all things find life.


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