Not my boast.

He calls me wolverine
This brother of mine,
His mind is convinced that man was I.

Bullet shots in the head,
Slashes on my skin
Every battle he enters, he surely must win.

I’m not new to terror
Not new to blades,
I shine like the orion and glow like the Pleiades .

I’ve been through the fire
Waded through the floods
Still I can leap and soar like the birds.

Been shot and wounded
Left alone to die
But I still got up and headed for the skies.

But be slow with your judgement
I’m not that strong at all
I don’t want you to think I am standing tall.

I give it up for my saviour
Give it up for my Lord
Who else can take me through the narrow road?

He is my light
He is my fire
The only one able to lift me higher.

He’s been here in the mud and the mire
Here in the blazing hot fires,
Here when no one else could be my brother.

And His light lives in many of us,
In Jesus, still growing, knowing more of Him;
Doesn’t matter how small your light is-

A flicker, a glow, a big bright glare,
As long as you have that little light in you,
Go on my friend and you just let it shine.


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