My current state of "repairs".

So, this is an attempt to prevent any unwanted usage as a mat of a transformer, according to Angela Kintu. I hope I beat the 235 minute deadline. 🙂

I am attempting to write this post the fastest way I can but the distractions are immense. I have an appointment in less than half an hour, and I need to have some samples designed before that time. I am also interviewing a great designer for an upcoming article, not to mention I may have to chip in tea.

I was not told that an office job is crazier than freelancing. Deadlines, multitasking, attention to detail on a much greater level. I am happy I am employed, it is a testimony that God hears and does answer in His perfect timing. Do not quit believing.

I am not about to get married. However, many of my friends are.

[an hour later, I am still working on this post].

I like my space sometimes. Problem is, on the days I want it most, there are many that would want my attention. That is not a bad thing. It helps one avoid pitfalls sometimes, for example, depression. However, when my space is for issues of relating with God, I am sorry I may not give my space away. I still have some exceptions on that case….mostly fair ones. 😉

I love fried stuff, nonetheless, I am not fat. I tried to get fat, and concluded that is not my gift. Maybe I did not really try. A workmate asked one time why “geeks” or computer people are small and I am no longer amused by the question. Nor by the one that suggests that IT people, take longer to marry because there is initially a conflict of interest. Women and IT, sadly have not yet mixed.

I miss writing. Writing poetry, writing pietry, writing prose… I miss it. I have sort of moved away from my heart and moved outside to things like gaming. What should I do? And to think I had wanted to win a Laureate award back in the day. Hmmm…

I am nobody important, you would not know me, except of course if for some reason you’ve seen my name randomly in a Newspaper or on a wall in graffiti on some road in the UK. I am shy. Please talk to me first, it’s not that I am proud, I just have failed to say the first word.

I heard a funny word yesterday- xyctosis, I do not think it is even a word, it is just a sound. A funny sound. I was being cautioned on not wasting my xyctosis on the wrong thing. That I must wait for the right thing to come along. Thing in which case could range from living things to non living things.

I went visiting on Tuesday at a hostel and felt lost. Growing up really gives you perspective. The things people at hostels [read Campus] value are such diminutive in comparison to the things they will value when off campus. Sometimes however, a season will not affect value, rather a person’s character and sadly fewer and fewer people, especially the youth, have values.

Okay, I can say I am done with this randomness. Coz, frankly, I need to go make money for this company but I must say this was fun. 🙂 Will try it again some time.

I did not even talk about repairs… ugh! But, next time.


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