Moving on

I had a lot of sleep yesterday, that’s why I am still up at this late hour: 0023hrs to be exact. I decided I would stop being a hearing Christian and put the things I hear into action so yesterday I decided to rest. Anti, apart from the spiritual rest of resting in Christ’s finished work, the body was also designed to re-energise at least for one day out of a week. So now I have no sleep, but that’s okay, I won’t be needing to be at work early.

Moving on, the year is coming to a close. I am no longer a school going fellow who looks forward to November and December coz those are holiday months. Rather, I am concerned about where I will be earning my bread and when I will be taking a break from the earning of bread.

This year started out badly; at the time I was with my former employer and was waiting for a deal to come in so I would get paid. Unfortunately, upto now, the deal has never come in. Then I was led on by a man promising employment. I called the man’s number numerous times reminding him until he decided to start training me. That was when he asked for my number and told me he would call. Not heard from him since.

I have been at two interviews so far, all with financial firms, notwithstanding the fact that I hate numbers. On both occasions, I went with hope believing for some miracle. And then I saw the aptitude tests. Given I have not done maths since 2000, I almost cried when I saw things like quadratic equations and standard deviation. Nonetheless, that did not hinder my hope, I knew something good would come out. I have done two so far without success but at least now I know what to expect with these kinds of interviews.

I banked my c.v but so far, no call.

Gladly for me, my God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory so my good father has been allowing me to piggy back on his goodness. Thanks to him, I am now a regular contributor to this wonderful blog world coz his office has a pc for me, provided with an internet connection. Well, I also get to do some property management and administrative work (read I am my dad’s secretary).

It is November 24th. I have to attend some three weddings from this point till the close of the year. That would be easy but I am also invited for wedding meetings. Me, who has no big money to look forward to at the end of the month. I think I give a wrong impression about my wealth!! Anyway, they’re all my friends and so I do sacrifice some, sometime. This Saturday was at a kasiki and man was the meat (read roast chicken, pork, spiced beef) nice, if only it wasn’t so late.. The kasiki was for a friend leaving the buwuulu club this Saturday. He is going to be married! After that I have a break of one week, then the weddings resume. Meanwhile, I am still single.

Move on. That phrase has rung so much in the past week, I think I shall be wise and heed it’s meaning. I have already tried relating after her but never successfully even entering one. My friend/brother said I should stop being selfish, coz I look for her in every new girl I fancy. I have been working my friends, unfortunately; yes, I have been living under law in this area. So I am letting go, of relating business till I have a beginner’s mind, like the S.King mentioned. Without bias or presumption and I have no one else to trust through this time but Jesus.

Today is 24th November 2008. And then some man annoyed me…

Today’s verse:Rom 5:17 for if by the offence of the one the death did reign through the one, much more those, who the abundance of the grace and of the free gift of the righteousness are receiving, in life shall reign through the one–Jesus Christ.

Prayer for the week for every blogger here.

Father, You’re grace is sufficient for all of us, for every need, for every care. Help us remember that. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


7 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. I claim boots... then i say...

    I never liked that word "relating" (if i step on ur toes, i sorry), its almost like rating your job performance as mediocre.

    What does mediocre mean? Please note that the options were Excellent, Good, Mediocre, Fair and Poor.

    Mediocre? really?

    Relating? REALLY?

    Now that im done ranting... all in good time, my friend. All in good time.

  2. Some one already chewed the boots way to go tandra.

    meanwhile am liking the new look. It kinda shows a dark cool side.

    Now to reading.

  3. Wow, great reading. It did have those small bits that we all go through in the start but the good thing is that you won't stay like that for long. God is still holding that dream Job till the right time.

    I don't mind that Kevin guy. He gives me chance to exercise my self control o/w I'd have thrown stones at that dude

    That was a prayer much needed. Thanks

  4. Remind me of the days i used to sell advertising space for some mag, worn out soles and frayed collars were my trademarks, any way what doesn't kill u only makes u stronger.
    keep attending them meetings but i have no advice on how to dodge the chairmans bag.

  5. so rather than looking for a job to line another man or woman's pocket, why not become an expert at running daddy's biz...think of the indians and chinese..they keep it in the family, think of all the big name brands which for example been there since the 1700s...they keep it in the dont be a slave to employment...become a master!


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