Mothers in African Literature

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere. A special mother’s day to all writers of African fiction. It’s something I had never considered until today that inasmuch as the books like to call Africa, mother, the mothers in African literature are somewhat forgettable in comparison to the main characters in these books.

So this morning, in a quest to find out and celebrate these fictional representatives of mothers the continent over I put forward a hashtag asking other readers to share their most memorable mothers in African Literature! Thank goodness the responses came through and a number of titles came through, from Chika Unigwe’s Night Dancer to Mother of Bones in No Violet Bulawayo’s We Need New Names. Inadvertently we have a reading list for those of us who have not come across any of these titles!

I am certain there are more we have not come across. Here’s the list so far, please feel free to add your own.


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