morning my neighbour, i love you

Man, did you heard? Out of Eden my favourite gospel groups decided to call it quits and pursue their individual interests!! Wow man am gonna miss them. Talking about ziiki. Bobi Wine, Bucha Man, Bebe Cool, Chameleone, Titie have a case to answer. Why? hmmm? Why proclaim to be born again and go on in the same spirit of the world? You think going to Church is some kind of ritual for blessing? You see, people who love the praise of man better than the praise of God usually end up in kayasi! Take a look at Saul! Me am not impressed, infact i do not think practising Christians should even be encouraged to buy their music! Am i sounding like a fanatic? Brothers, for those of you who love soccer, guess who is playing in the match against Lesotho today? Jackson Mayanja ‘kawoowo’. Oh my God, i was talking with some people and they think Csaba must be some crazy kinda guy. i believe he is going to deliver, because i have believed for vicotries in Kampala and we shall have them.
Guess what! I am resorting to packing lunch. Seeing that these faculty guys have put lectures at times when it is lunch time, i am also packing my lunch. I have no time to go back to Nkrumah to eat the last of the meal-usually beans, or just peices of meat, actually many pieces of meat. I am only wondering where i will get this food from int he morning, Campus food is expensive except that at KK. not KK Beach Ggaba, but kikumi kikumi where you can have food of two hundred ugandan shillings- for example Yams for 200/- and soup( mind you soup is free)! hehe!! Campus is wonderful. My God have you seen the curvings or whatever ont he new library!!! ‘kumansula’ in action. I suggest they replace the picture of the girl coz she is too revealing for a clay creation.
I have looked for comments on my blog in vain man, its like i am doing this for myself man. ANyway, no biggie. am enjoyin it. Christ is big in this shizzle.


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