more rambling

check that out in your free time but i am not saying i agree or disagree with what is being said.

Now, you see? I am more confused. Gospel artists are doing secular, secular are doing gospel. What is the world coming to? JUlianna I hear released a new gospel track…motive? ANd she is hangin out with a muslim…i ain’t hating here, just questing—is Christ a joke for many of us? A song without heart?

And my ramblings go on…


2 thoughts on “more rambling

  1. To be honest, Christ has become very marketable in these last days, and there is something VERY wrong with that picture. It's not hating - I think many people do not really count the cost before they get into ministry. And more get into the secular music industry and then decide to sprinkle it with a gospel message to ease their consciences.

    It's sin! End of story.

    Anywho, I just came here from the comment you left on Fear Not The Sons Of Anak and my comment was only meant to tell you, I LOVE YOUR BLOG TITLE! It cracked me up even though I don't understand it... 14203jfkhfkhr8374 NTWATWA!

  2. sad songs for you, dreams disguised as money plans, we're all trying to tell the world something...listen to the song before you judge the soul peeping for your recognition.


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