More on pronounce it right.

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Ntwatwa. Ntwatwa was of course a boy, and he was a boy growing up. So he admired older people, people he saw on t.v, people he saw at home; his brothers!

So one day his brother came home with a new name. His name had a spark to it and Ntwatwa liked it. So he thought he would be like his brother. So he made for himself a name! His name changed to Ntwax. Evening passed and morning came, and Ntwax saw that it was good.

So Ntwax went to school and went back and home. He found his brother had brought home a laptop. Oh! He would learn to love computers. So he went back to school and guess what! There were computers! A computer lab! And he would want to be there all the time.
Soon everyone knew he liked computers, and one day his friend called him Networx. Evening passed and morning came. And Networx saw that it was good.

And then Networx fell in love. And then he was consumed by the emotion called love and so he began to love flowers. And because he loved purple, he loved a flower called lavender and then he saw it….a name. His name changed that day.

Networx fused with lavender and Nevender emerged!

And that my friends is why it is Nevender. Not neverender.


12 thoughts on “More on pronounce it right.

  1. *sigh*

    And here I was thinking there was a magnificent tale of valour, and honour, and slain dragons, lookin straight into the baleful eye of life's storms, screaming with a Gandalf-like cry, "I shall never end!"

    Alas, the truth lies in the lavender.

  2. LOL @SK!

    Gwe, Nev. I've said it before and I'll say it again: that your name is based on a flower is sooo UNmacho. 😀
    But I love you anyway. 🙂

  3. @SK, munange I am sorry about your misguided hopes of a Lord of the Rings like story..I just love a flower. (happy smile).

    Wow, Princess, that's the best thing I have had anyone tell me on here. Thanks a lot. I love you too.

    What's wrong with a guy liking flowers?

  4. now now princess and nevender, let us not get carried away in the public domain...get a room..ate solomon is a whizz with the net, he can organise it...thank me later..but nevender, too unmacho...mostest unmacho thing ive heard in a while

  5. No one understands that the 'I love you' was meant to soften the blow???
    Wama, SK. You understood, right?

  6. eeeh, i shall never ever call you neverender coz ou have truly rubbed it in... but that story was silly, liked it

  7. Sleek, I love my name and you cannot make me unman by liking flowers! Do you know Solomon's glory could not match a flower? Yes I am saying his dress was compared to flowers and he fell short! Hehe.

    Princess, you see. You're

    Yes, Lulu. Je m'appelle Nevender.

    Petesmama, Ntwax was a popular name by the way till I fell in know.

    And by the way since you all have not noticed, love and lav sound similar.

    Sleek and Princess, most people do not mind it. Princess seems you have given Sleek the "unusualness"

    Thanks all for your input.

  8. lol S.K
    So that's how it came up....A flower. Interesting. It would be nice to know how the rest came up with theirs.
    seams we've not seen the last name change


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