Midnight Serenade

The lights are out, everyone’s asleep
But I know I should draw, from my well so deep;
To give you of the elixir, this honey I keep,
It’s no good for me alone, so I offer to thee.

Let go of those tears, those you wept out at night
Forget those fears, those ghosts of hind sight;
Put a smile on your face, your personal half yellow sun,
A new day has come, it’s now safe to not run.

Let your wings be colourful, and ornate like a butterfly
Let your joy be calm and warm, like a firefly;
Spread out your arms, like a child, fly free
Open your eyes again, there are sunsets and rainbows to see.

Have faith and take a step, into these longing arms
They long to have and hold, release you from olden harm;
So while the lights are out, while eyes drift to lands of charm
My heart is right here with you, off’ring this midnight Psalm.

Yours truly,

~Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer~

For Double A.


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