Maria has chucked me

Maria left me. She did; sneaked and ran from me. You see me and Maria had history. I remember that first time we met in the shop on Ben Kiwanuka street, she shone like a star. Understand there were so many beautiful girls in the shop, all waiting for their suitor. Maria was beautiful, she had smooth looking black arms; her face adorned with subtle jewellery, she swept me off my feet.

She was a faithful friend. She was there with me when I joined campus, comforted me in that mean 1st year. She stayed with me through all the three years of campus- seeing my frustration, joy, peace, disappointment…she was there. She was always there.

When I left campus she never left me, sticking by me all the time. In exams, tests, PrimeTime, Dinners, Beach bashes- all of it, everything. She helped me wake up and read for tests and exams. With her I could never miss an appointment. She cared deeply for me.

But recently, she seemed to have gotten tired of me. She lost heart, like once or twice and everytime that happened I bought her a new heart. She attempted to cut off her arms, so I would not be able to hug her; but everytime she did, I bought her new arms…nothing would stop me from being with her forever.

However, even her smile faded; her gentle face became rough. Why? What had I done Maria? Yes, there were times those girls came into our lives, but I never accepted them, I wanted her only!

But today she decided to leave. She, who has all our memories , at least ever since I left secondary school. How could she leave? Maria!?

Today I thought she was with me when we were leaving Makerere but when I turned I did not see her. I turned back, walked all the way back looking for her but she was not to be found. How could she?

Maria left me guys and without her I cannot tell the time. I guess my only option is to find a girl like her, preferably from the Casio tribe.


20 thoughts on “Maria has chucked me

  1. TRP took my socks....aaaaaahhh

    I cant help but laugh.....
    Maria had to leave, why dont you try the Rolex or Omax tribe....
    Casio will stay around for a shorter pariod....

  2. somehow the more i read, the more i knew it couldn't be a one is that perfect!
    BTW dude, you have this relationship with a wrist watch, you need help, go find urself a real woman!

  3. UgGal, Casio is the name of the watch I put on. Maria is a nickname for

    Liz, I think I already found the woman but this was supposed to be a hearty piece, I'm hoping you laughed like Mumakeith and Tricia and kid sis TRP.

  4. Lol! I knew Maria could not be a girl.

    Any girl who sticks with you through campus should be ditched just for being suspicious.

  5. I thought Maria was a girl until i reached 'She attempted to cut off her arms, so I would not be able to hug her; but everytime she did, I bought her new arms...'

    Then I thought. 'Is this a doll?'

    No, it is a watch. Phew!



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