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“Ran out of places I can run…”. 4th Avenue Jones finishes that line by saying “…God take me away…” in their song Take Me Away. I do not have the ignorance to ask for such a thing anymore. The escapism and individualism that some of the monks had. Placed in a world full of dirt and slime, one would think tis better to run away or get away so as not to be tainted. Unfortunately, that luxury does not exist. Not even Jesus Christ took it. The only time He did that was the 40 days He fasted and more so the prayers He would have, away from the crowds.

Point taken:- You cannot get away from the world physically. You can get away from the world Spiritually. How? Through prayer and fasting.

 Back to this world. It is such a distress that it seems slime and dirt follow me everywhere I go. The very things I am avoiding are the very things availing themselves.
Scenario: I am trying my best to keep my eyes away from indecency. Trying to avoid those women who were deceived that the more flesh they show, the more likeable they are. To an extent there is some truth; the flesh will demand of the flesh. The eyes will want to see more “skin”. So, in the flesh, the more skin the better, the more skin the more “beautiful” or “likeable” or as the world commonly puts it “sexy”/”desirable”.
What is worse is that sometimes it is not even the women exposing their skin. It is the men. In my line of work, I look for a lot of resources in terms of graphics, that is, vectors, pictures, brushes. In this line of work, the women may not neccessarily choose indecency however, due to the “gift” of drawing and animating some men have, they will create their women, with barely enough clothing or none. Sometimes I cannot avoid stumbling onto these.
I hate it when I am watching a program or a match and then the ads come on. Now I like ads, some are really nice. However, I wonder why a woman is always involved. And most times she prolly has no clothes on, even when the advert is about jeans!
I know, you’re going to say I have a weak or dirty mind. If that is the case, then I am attempting to detoxify. It is hard, I must say. So hard that my advice to the pure of mind is for them to make up their minds never to get dirty. lol.
Point is, how do I manoeuvre these things? They are all over the place! In the papers. On the radio. In the TV. On the internet. Everywhere. Does that mean I am a slave to these “chancings” of decadence? No. I am accountable. To God, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. I must mind what I hear, see, read, think.
Christ began with a fast, however, we see Him at 12 years of age having already been a student of the word. We see Him treasure prayer so much he even rebuked His disciples once by saying “What, could ye not watch with me one hour?” See more Matthew 26:40-44.
Gosh, this calls for repentance!
Bottom line is, I believe I must once again, target my heart through my mind and also strengthen my spirit. At the end of the day, when it pops up, I can simply turn away, and not follow the link. And not buy the paper, and not turn up the volume, and not rewind the scene.
See John 6:63. See Romans 12:2
Be blessed.

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