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Marilyn Monroe breathily intoned “If you can make a woman laugh,you can make her do anything. -The Telegraph

A man who makes you laugh.

You know that adage, fall for a man who makes you laugh. He’s better than the eight pack wide load, I mean, wide shoulder guy.

That man is sure to make you laugh from up there, until down there. He does not care what questions are asked because it is also said, there is no wrong answer.

These men usually have no enemies. Throw him into a crowd of hyenas and next thing you hear will be loud guffawing from the deadly animals saying something like –

I mean there’s no hatred for a man who can make you laugh. Sure you might call him stupid, but you won’t stay mad at him. You’ll want that guy on your high school debate team just for the sake of lightening up the judges.

He’ll come late for your “prom date” just so the two of you can be the centre of attraction. And because he’s got jokes, once he’s inside, everybody will soon start laughing. You’ll remain the Pearl of Africa, no doubt.


He doesn’t do threats or agricultural promises. He doesn’t play activist cards or promise you economic development. He has one card under his sleeve – a happy girl is a healthy girl.

A funny man is high on confidence. That’s all you need for a life that hits vision 2040.

“I don’t think I can lose this election. The indicators are, all the youth are ready to vote for me. I managed to convince the 23 pres. Aspirants who picked the nom. Now am here to convince the seven to join me.”

What’s better is, after winning a mock election, how can he lose at winning your heart? Break a rib, vote for  a funny man.

Prov 15:13 A glad heart maketh a cheerful countenance; But by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken. 



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