Fading Negro

How can I be proud
Of a nation arrogant and loud?
Worshippers of race before heart
Those who murder the innocent in cold blood.
Eh Africanism Oyee!
*”Nze obudugavu mbupoye!”
I will not rejoice with a nation
That merries at the death of another.
Tell me to get real-
But am sorry I’ve lost that zeal,
Innocent blood has been shed
On account of clogged heads.
Is it not “For God and My Country”?
Shall I kill because of unfair bounty?
I thought we turn the other cheek
I thought we forgive and forget?
Check yourself. Are we really Ugandan?
Are we the ones who glory in death of others,
Are we so vengeful we don’t think
About the trouble spilled blood can bring?
My Uganda is warm,My Uganda is calm
So where is this nation?
Are we tranced by hatred?

How many times do we see the west getting caught up in such racialist violence? Are we not experienced enough to know violence does nothing? Why should people lose innocent lives? Is Africa known for thinking with matchetes and sticks and guns amd not their hearts and brains? Should we not be so ashamed of such a thing?


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  1. Interesting poem you have got here! though i'm wondering if you have given up on blogging for good?


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