Valentine’s Series: Day 13: Luck

Dear Pearl,

That thing you said the other day- “If we’re lucky, we’ll go all the way…”?

I don’t believe in luck. I don’t believe in coincidence. I do not believe that somehow we found ourselves staring that day our eyes first met. I do not believe the Big Bang, that we all happen to be here because of incredible luck. I do not. Do not believe the Earth is tilted perfectly so that we didn’t all freeze or burn out of existence.

I do believe all things work together for the good of those that love God, them called according to His purpose. I believe every intricate happening is orchestrated by the Father of lights in whom no accidents, and coincidences happen. It was not luck that brought you to me. I didn’t happen to be at The Sound Cup by accident. I don’t usually go out, and you remember it was that Blogger’s thing that we both happened to be at. Then I saw you.

He is a funny one – the Father. You see, all along I had this idea I’d meet the girl of my dreams in Bible Study, Overnight, Church service or some other thing like that. That’s what I had been told. However you know in Bible study, when you greet your neighbour you look unfocused. In Overnight, when you say hi, you look unprayerful. In service when you say hi, you cannot ask for a name. Anyway, never thought I’d meet you that day. However, He did.

It had nothing to do with luck.

When I walked up to you and asked if you’d mind us meeting again for a Milkshake or Yoghurt or whatever made sense to you. When your eyes flittered like they had a tickling itch. It wasn’t luck. The way my heart revved to unbelievable bpms as I approached you might have killed me but I had to.

They say the rest is history. History never began with an accident. Nor with luck. It’s been the highs where we made deliberate effort. The lows when we felt we didn’t have to do anything. We are here because we did things, responded to things, with heartfelt deliberation, heartfelt doubt. Whatever it was, it was not luck. It was Him, Grace, seeing us through  all the madness and sweetness. Singing one tune – “My grace is sufficient”.

If it is His purpose, His grace is sufficient. It’s never about luck. Love was never a matter of luck.



Dedication – We can be more – Sho Baraka


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