Love Letter 6; Her Prayer

                                                                    And then she prayed to God;

Our father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name,

‘Coz only you understand this crazy love game,

Lord give me today, a fine ass brother,

‘Coz the ones I’ve met so far, are all wrong numbers.

Lord I don’t care if he’s a baller,

Or six feet taller just let him know,

A woman’s worth or else,

I’ll kick his ass to the curb.


Give me a brother with game,

One who won’t be afraid to proclaim your name.

I know this sounds a bit insane,

But even Abraham asked and you gave.

Lord let him know I’m not some gold digger,

And that I just love things romantic and simple.

Lord let him know when to call, when to text,

And when to just shut up ‘coz I might be on PMS…

Lord show him how to love me,

‘Coz so far I haven’t seen a manual for this.


Lord teach him how to put me before his needs,

I know this may sound selfish,

But can you blame me?

Lord give him strength to handle me,

‘Coz sometimes I’m overpowered by my crazy mood swings.

There will be times I will give him the silent treatment,

But Lord give him the patience to stand by me.


Lord help him understand, that just ‘coz I don’t cook,

It doesn’t mean I can’t, sometimes I’m just not in the mood.

Lord forgive me my trespasses in advance,

That’s if I meet him and forget you were my first.

I’ll try my best to put you before all else,

‘Coz if it’s not about you, then the love has failed the test.


Lead me not into temptation,

‘Coz there’ll be times I want to go all the way,

Even when I know it’s ‘wait ’ I’m supposed to say.

Lord let him not be a player,

And if he is let him be retired.


Lord let him be on time on our first date,

‘Coz I don’t want a man who’ll make me wait.

Lord deliver me from evil,

So, keep away those brothers,

Who will lead me astray from your will.


Lord let him understand that everyone makes mistakes,

And I don’t expect him to be perfect.

Lord I know I’ve asked for way too much,

But you say in your word to ask…

One last thing Lord,

I know I’ve told you what I want

But please give me the man that you know I need.

Because it’s in Jesus’ name that I’ve prayed,





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