Love Letter 3

7th Feb 2010

My love,-to the girl I will one day call my own,

Like I said before,

“Let us not be like stained glass windows, pleasant to look at but impossible to look through and let us not be like gems, trophies for viewing pleasure but lacking soul.
You, I want to bare my soul to- to express all I have inside me-the raging volcanoes, the simmering springs and placid pools.”

Chocolate caramel hazel nut cake…the sweetest thing in the world could never compare to you. You should know what you have done to me- you have cast a spell over my heart, over my eyes.

None is as beautiful as you, no one’s eyes draw me as yours, no one’s touch is a soft as yours, no one’s laughter is as full as yours. There are many beauty queens, many damsels; I know none of their beauty compares to you- you are the most beautiful one in this world.

There are drops of honey dew on your heart, I want more. I want more of that joy in your heart that puts laughter in mine; more of the colour in your eyes that puts a glow in mine. I want to hear more of that voice that calms the raging fires in my heart. I want more.

I thought at one point maybe I would stop. I thought I would stop finding pleasure in your presence: your heart beating against mine, your fingers curled in mine, your eyes that glitter like the stars. Can one get enough of love? Your voice…do you know what it could do to me? My chest becomes a hot spring, bubbling endlessly at the sound of that angelic cadence. There are days when we are on the phone, those days when you are sleepy, and when I’m sleepy too, but none wants to hang up….once you told me to keep talking, that you want my voice to be the last thing you hear- how can I want that to stop?

Love is a river, the waters keep flowing.

They say the first cut is the deepest, I would rather disagree. The first cut is the most painful, especially when she told me she didn’t love me; when she said she didn’t feel the way I felt. However, when the wound healed, and God poured His healing oil, the pain was gone, forever…it is you I love, it is you I will love with my all.

You are my heart beat, my present thought. You’re the red roses I see everyday, fresh and vivid, you’re the delight of this soul. My heart pours out verses from the depths for you. My love for you is a river flowing without end, attempts to dry it up are in vain.

You, my dear, know how I feel. I love you.

Where there is love there is no darkness. ~Burundian Proverb

Yours sincerely,

Your love,
Purple Heart

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