Longing (Edited)

Razing through my mind
Are memories…
Serene meadows, big yellow sun flowers
Flashes of smiles chain me
I want more than intangible images.

Walks through the park at sunset
The sun hesitated to set-
When it did, the stars kept winking 
But my tummy is empty; my heart is starved
I want more than formless memories.

I need more than  blurred dreams
Dried rose petals,
More than long sleepless nights
More than the endless beat of rain upon corrugated heart.
I need more than the vapour of mystery love.

I long for the juice of fresh love
For the sweetness of a tender heart,
I do not need cotton candy- it is empty
I long for a heart that longs for mine
I long for a heart concentrated with true love.

Past pains rivet me, I’m writhing for an angel’s touch
Longing for a soothing touch, a real smile, a honeyed kiss,
I am sure angels exist as devils do
And when you show up darling-
I want to spend my whole life with you. 


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