Literacy around the world : An Infographic

8th September was International Literacy. For a blogger like me, literacy defines my audience and my message. Without the ability to read and write, a lot of our communication forms are useless and wasted.

The infographic below is in honour of International Literacy Day and attempts to help raise awareness about the importance of literacy. The team at Grammarly have gathered the latest literacy statistics from around the world into an infographic.

Literacy Day

There are many ways you can contribute to reducing illiteracy and one of those ways is by getting involved in educating a child and availing them the resources. Some of the efforts I can make mention of are Babishai Poetricks who are encouraging literacy by promoting poetry among the young generation.

Otherwise, if you’re working on your document and need to proofread it and check for errors, check out Grammarly’s Check.


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