Leaked Nudes

In Africa,
They call us primitive,
Simple and backward;
Too lazy to make clothes
Too godless to feel ashamed.

They bring an education
An enlightening of the mind,
And so that we don’t mistake this
For charity, or western benevolence-
They pay themselves with our oil and gold
Our women and high class embassy jobs.

But lately I’ve been wondering
Did the sun change position?
Did the earth stop moving
And catch them on the right side of darkness?

I mean,
The things they came to teach
Are the very ones they’ve forgotten;
The shame they came to bring-
Is the same that they are embracing.

Of course they gild it with high words
Technology, and self realisation;
They tell us that now they’ve gone higher
On the plane of sophistication.

They take off the clothes
They once said we should always embrace
And make themselves nude “selfies”
That they hope will be found.

“Leaked nudes, leaked nudes, leaked nudes!!!”
They act like it’s a surprise
The consternation in their conversation
Pretending they didn’t want to be caught.

Yet I hear things are changing
That now they offer them for world peace
They will bare it all to inspire you
To love your neighbour
And even be a good mother.

It’s getting confusing
Because I read in their book
Of “the lust of the eyes”; and they never get satisfied,
The “lust of the flesh”; fed by the lust of the eyes
And “the pride of life”; that thing that wants a crown.

Leaked nudes they say
And dare to call me primitive-
Alas, Adam, has embraced his condition
And will shed his shame himself
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.


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