Lady Gaga's "H-I-M"

The number one song on the Billboard top ten is Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”. It’s being top means it is getting extensive airplay on radio as well as on private players. She is delivering a message to the masses.

Gaga says, in the first line, that it does not matter if you love “him”, and then goes on to say, “or capital H-I-M”. In this statement, I would think, Gaga says, go ahead, you may or may not believe in “God” and then after that takes the opportunity to use “HIM” to justify certain things as I will highlight later.

She goes on to say that we were all born superstars; in essence that we were all born great and perfect. She adds and rides on the “HIM” factor by saying there is nothing wrong with loving who you are because “He” made you perfect, because after all “He” does not make mistakes.

Her chorus goes on to say that there is no other way, that we are born this way, that we are not a drag, that we are “queens”, that it is okay to love ourselves the way we are. She says, that “a different lover is not a sin, believe capital H-I-M…” .

Lady Gaga is trying to kill your conscience.

She subtly tries to convince her listener that, in essence, God is not against you, and that He loves you the way you are and actually vetoes your nature, since He made you that way.

She does it subtly because she mixes truth with a lie and I am sure convinces many people that what she is saying is actually what God is saying too. Alas!!! God forbid.

The Bible clearly states, [Rom 3:10 as it is written: “There is none righteous, no not one; ] meaning, we are not born superstars. We are all born lost, in need of a saviour. The situation needs to change lest we perish.

The Bible also states that [Joh 14:6 Jesus said to him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father but by Me. ] meaning there is only one way and that way is not you getting comfortable about your sin or what Gaga sells on her records in the name of “HIM”. Further, it matters what you believe- God exists. What you believe shapes you. What you believe influences how you live. It determines whether you become an agent of destruction or an agent of good.

God is not the author of our sin. Why would He go to great lengths [John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.]to redeem us if He invented it? God makes no one a sinner [Jas 1:13-15 Let no one being tempted say, I am tempted from God. For God is not tempted by evils, and He tempts no one.
But each one is tempted by his lusts, being drawn away and seduced by them.
Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin. And sin, when it is fully formed, brings forth death. ]

God states clearly in His word His perfect law. It shows us what is right and what is wrong. There is a distinction. It’s not alright to be gay because God says so. He even warns us against such a vice and how such people only perish. It is not because of hate but because of love that He even tells us.

We are not Kings or Queens, we have no glory of our own. Only those in Christ can be said to be a Royal Priesthood. Without Christ, all our goodness or glory is like dung. Paul a man of academic accomplishment after changing says [Php 3:8 But no, rather, I also count all things to be loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them to be dung, so that I may win Christ ].

The person Lady Gaga is making references to must not be confused with God, the God of Jesus Christ. No. God’s word clearly differs from whoever this “HIM” is. I protest that God’s name may be confused with this “HIM” and therefore cause legalism due to what she says.

I have not even analysed the entire lyrics but friends the little I have shows you how easy it is to exchange the truth for a lie. Lady Gaga is no prophet or oracle for God. The Truth is in the Word of God.[Joh 17:17 Sanctify them through Your truth. Your Word is truth. ] Gaga’s word is not truth, it is a mix of lies. It is another attempt to deceive the millions blinded by music. It is sad, this song is already number one, playing in the ears of many children, many struggling with sin and unwanted urges, giving them the right to do bad in the guise of being good. There is one way to God, one Way, one Truth, one Life; Christ Jesus, not our own philosophies.

Careful what you listen to, careful what you let your children listen to. Careful, read the Word and be able to know truth and lie when you see it.

What we all need to know is, the only way is Christ- and He died, willingly laid down His life so that you may be set free from the power of sin. Accept Him and seek His Way. Sin is wrong, and good news is Christ dealt with it on the cross- [Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: ].

Take heed lest you be deceived and perish.


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  1. these are things we used to be warned about concerning 'secular' music that some songs have so much hidden it them that they should be avoided.

    surprisingly i haven't yet heard this song...

  2. Hi Sybella,

    I discovered that this song is being entertained by the Americans, I hope it doesn't get such attention in our country.

    I have not listened to it either, but I have read the lyrics and they are such blasphemies it makes me cringe.

    Good thing though, God is still at work.

  3. The best lies contain an element of truth.

    Everyone is pandering to the homosexuals these days - they are the fashionable audience.

    It is just sad, because the whole truth is so liberating.

  4. I think its all about taking different things away from the song.

    And I dont agree with your analysis. Parts of it maybe.. but over all.. not so much.

    Just to clarify, I am not a huge Gaga fan.

    I think we are all born superstars.. or with the potential to be anything we want to be. God doesnt make mistakes.

    BUT its really our choice to do with what He gives us. thats why we have free will.. duh

  5. Even with free will, it would be right to make the right choice after all. God implores us to do so.

    Personally, this song is more misleading than it is helpful. It misrepresents God. It is sad because the things sound true but according to scripture, are a long way from the complete picture.

    I think the best way to God is Christ, through reading His word, getting to know more about Him from people who know He has the truth,through His Holy Spirit.

    The power Gaga yields over many just through music can get them to do stuff without them thinking about it.

    Tandra, you have the ability to think for yourself, others are led- especially when it comes to music. A good example is the kids. A kid cannot differentiate "what to take way and what not to". [Heb 5:14 But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, even those who because of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. ]

    Saying God doesn't make mistakes to justify sin is, simply put, warped and misleading. So, we need wisdom, understanding, revelation. A song like this does not have that- it's like a magic potion. And music does that- most of the music in the world appeals to the "feel good" part of you, little of it gets you thinking.

    The truth: Christ Jesus. I pray we heed it rather than be like Herod who wanted to justify his sin as truth- most of what the world is doing now.

    Isa 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

    I hope you understand me a little, Tandra.

  6. Guys Gaga is using some truth to lead you to the idea of this H-I-M i was shocked when i saw this.

    the best lies have some truth in them, absolutely, this song is straight up, it goes against so much of what God says, and the Devil picks up the pieces that will attract the public and then fills the rest in with his own mentality.

    H-I-M is not GOD

  7. It seems funny that you'll post bible verses to support many of your stances but none to support your stance that the bible says being gay is a sin.

    Given that your open to exploring what the bible actually says, the following link may help you to revise your misguided views.

  8. Am so glad i haven't heard it. am not a fan of her music and her personality altogether, but this is good read for all her 'followers' its so easy for people now to follow a trend or facade without knowing what is really behind it.


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