Ku wikeendi nebirala (Weekend and other things)

Sometimes I love to mix Luganda with the lu naBuddu. Forgive me.

Starting with ramblings.Okay, I know that sax player may have lots of dimes naye honestly I am tired of receiving his texts! For some reason, my phone isn’t often ringing or beeping with notification of incoming communication, therefore I get excited when it does because I expect it to be some friend or former friend who has finally remembered me and have decided to get in touch. However after excitedly pressing the “read” button, I see the sax player’s two names and his invitation to go watch him play at some international conference center soon. Who gave him my number?! Eh? Ekisooka, 50k may look like small dimes to him, but to me that is worth 5 days’ work! Not only that, it is equivalent to half a whole pig! I could roast that half with friends and stuff.

By the way is Mr Sax player still single?

Onto other things.

I was at the Xtreme 2020 event courtesy of Fluorescent and even met -,I mean Sleek of the Sleek and Wild fame. While there met the King with his Node Six crew (naye they were not six) and Walkonby. I tell you, spending time with bloggers is cool, in fact it is cooler than ice cold.

I had my first taste of alcohol in my post university days! Wait…..ahhh, Fluorescent has just let me know that it wasn’t alcohol, mbu I should have read below where it said non alcoholic. Yeah, the Alvaro. So kwegamba sometimes butterflies can come out of bee hives?

It was well attended although I must say time keeping should improve. I saw a man who in my books is celeb forever- but couldn’t find the wits to ask him for an autograph- Isaac Rucci…ah, I tried but the excitement was repellent to approaching the man! So I decided NEXT TIME!!

Banange there was this chick in a dress with capital D! What was she doing at the event? Eh! Too extreme! FatBoy would grin with satisfaction if he saw that girl at the event in that kind of crowd…anti no one throws stones these days.

I also saw Sleek’s bike. And then saw how King ogled that bike. Things my friends-tight.

Better get back to work…will finish this post oba later…

Offtopic: Relationships may fail, but love never fails.


13 thoughts on “Ku wikeendi nebirala (Weekend and other things)

  1. hey, runninf out so 'l read later. but the new look's killer. havent been here or anywhere for that matter in a while.

    chao. u seem fine. which's good. saw last line abt relationship and love, naye oba it wd be easier if love didnt tie whenever relationships failed?


  2. Naye Silver...me i was saying even if relaz flunk, people shouldn't invite hate mbu becoz..i think the pure, stainless love can stay. Hope u come back soon.

  3. Twas nice meeting 'Nevender'. Didn't get round to axing, Why the name?...btw,also love the new look,it's a whole lot easier on the eye.High on Alvaro?
    Naye Node6 and not being 6...fishy

  4. Isaiah is ma men...as in my doug,...i just love wat he does to that...that thing (saxophone mpozi) too bad wont mek it for the show.

    lol @ Node6 and not being 6

  5. hey u ppl were there at tat show on garden city..well lolz..i was there in the next door Indian restaurant was at a party there!!....I even did some video of the event!! hhehehe...mmbu the gals were good ha!! outfits..well contrasting to the galss


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