Knowledge Puffs Up

In the information age, knowledge wins. This is a well-known fact and can be attested to by the recent trends of big data, intellectualism, and technology. Big companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, use their data as a marketing tool for their clients. Anyone who manages a Facebook page or Twitter account knows the kinds of statistics shared. Stats like demography that includes age, sex, location help marketers know who to target and how to target them. Intellectualism drives ahead important thought like equality. Technology is based on data, I can’t even type out this post without the interaction of input and output of data.

That said, we understand the importance of knowledge in the present age. There has never been a time where the pervasion of information is almost worldwide. My Twitter account, which I consider not as active as many others, can see over 300 tweets from other followers per hour day. Information is being shared about food, race, religion, sexuality, music, all by the second. On my Facebook feed, it takes willpower to stop scrolling to read the next interesting article.

In the city, the pavements are littered with dustbins that are set up as advertising boards. Without information, you lose. There is  a popular Proverb though, popular with one preacher known as Dollar;

“…in all your getting, get understanding…”

In human speak, understanding would be how to analyse data and make it make sense.

As much as information, knowledge is key, many of us miss the mark. A little but heavy word from the Apostle Paul always convicts me on the matter. His words were

“Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.”

It’s not surprising to see societies divided over ideologies. Isms take over how people see each other. People become communists. Others become capitalists. Others are racists, others Pan Africanist, there are philanthropists; the list is endless. We’re so obsessed with how to define things that we are blind to the things right in front of us.

Man has been very harmful to himself and the world around him from the beginning of time. He has harmed his brothers, his sisters, his fathers and mothers, his friends, even strangers. There is no excuse for evil. That said, evil and good are effectually different and do not operate the same way. While love is patient, evil is in a hurry. While love is kind, evil has no time for kindness. In overcoming evil, many today take to information as a baseline and declare that knowledge is all we need to be freed. In that instant, evil is reproduced.

Love is so different and so unusual that it seems foolish to respond in love. Men have thus fought wars to overcome wrongs. None has gone to a cross. No one has crossed a red sea. There is always some evil in overcoming wrongs and if this is the case, do we really overcome or embrace a new evil.

Last week on-line and in the news, people  exchanged several views over several topics almost hating each other for it because the premise of their arguments was solely based on knowledge and none on love. Everyone wanted to prove a point. To prove he or she was right but no one sat back and looked upon Love, (who I very much consider the man, not the human endeavour or emotion). It became evident that knowledge indeed had puffed up and no one was being built up.

We forget that in the beginning, it was the desire for knowledge that led to the fall. Adam and Eve already had life but they wanted knowledge and thus the fall.

Even up to now, knowledge continues being sought after like hot cakes. Sadly, though, this knowledge in many instances is not really building up, it is puffing up and destroying.

May we find love. “Go read a book” may not be the proper response to ignorance.

“When we have knowledge and are trying to change things without love, we’re really just pufferfish.”
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