July #UBHH: My Katogo Review

UBHH was last week and Peter and Edmund have already beaten me to their reviews here and here but better late than never. Still, it’s hard to write a UBHH review after a week because by then you’re already forgetting the things that mattered.  Like Kagayi Mutanga reciting his “In 2065”, Dilman Dila recounting his years in Nepal, Kahill explaining how leggings could promote your blog, Florentina‘s 30 Minute Love Affairs, Edmund’s blogging consistency of a blog a year, Sheila Barungi’s reservations of public blogging and more..

For a fifth Uganda Bloggers’ Happy Hour this year, there was so much to be happy about considering the people who turned up and the good time keeping habits they displayed (but this might as well be a sarcastic remark). For one, the two authors, Dilman Dila (A Killing in the Sun) and Peter Kagayi (The Headline That Morning), came even before the set time of 5:30pm. Moses who always comes early doesn’t understand what is hard about making it to a venue at the set time.

By the time Edna arrived, she almost thought we had finished (and this was at about 6pm). The reason was that we had not yet shifted to our normal meeting area and it seemed no one was present. Shortly after though, most people who were to come that night eventually arrived and then some left, like Symon Kenny who was off to save the world (I think he works with Batman).

The conversation at this point was about the arts
The conversation at this point was about the arts

It’s surprising Edwin Barungi came early considering he walks almost everywhere he goes. The dude who runs Walk Aid Foundation likes to dress in his enemies’ skins as seen from his donning of an Arsenal tee yet he’s a Red Devil fan.

Now, have you met Florentina Aranel Twongyeire? Bright eyed and lavender-coloured hair spectacled young lady whose “30 minute Love Affairs” supposedly “Reap Hearts“? According to her, there is no time for fiction when it comes to blogging, therefore all her posts are as real as they come.

Bloggers don’t confess hunger, they deliberate on issues like politics, economics and love because food is the least of all our problems. That’s why when the pizza arrived, in a few seconds, there was none because it is a small matter to blogging matters.

The thing about the Uganda Blogger happy hours is that you have bloggers from different fields meeting up over drinks discussing things that range from tradition and culture, to sex and romance, and politics and governance. Even when we have featured speakers sometimes the conversation has a mind of its own.

Now of course when Rogue King, currently known as Solomon King, aka Resident Overlord of FundiBots comes to a UBHH, you want some ideas, tips and wise sayings. The one side of the famous 2 weak dudes however prefers to listen and chip in when required. Either that, or Sheila his neighbour was the sole beneficiary of all his wisdom that night.

Edna did have a few suggestions regarding the community and the upcoming #UgBlogWeek. She has her own editor who gives her unbiased feedback for her blogs, something she believes is important in building the quality of posts coming out in the Uganda Blogging Community.

Peter Kakoma insists if the Ugandan Blogging Community wants to improve, they must aim for consistency and quality. And this man can be trusted, having written columns for The Monitor, Urban Legend Kampala and his own site. Also, he is one of the bloggers who has found love with a fellow blogger, publisher and editor – Nyana Kakoma of So Many Stories. (Yes, they will both say they met before the blogs but are they not bloggers?).

Edmund talked of blogs as work; his business blogs at blegscope.com/blog are very consistent as opposed to his personal one at edmokmg.wordpress.com. It begs the question, to improve, don’t we all have to take blogging as work?

It was fantastic though, getting energised to blog and sharing ideas from the bloggers who came. The next one will be after Blog Week, so sharpen your skills already.


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