Judas Wears the Sun

Judas wears the sun
Over her lips as her smile;
She’s not kissing feet,
She’s kissing lips and
She’s kissing cheeks;
She’s not pouring alabaster
On strange men with
Messianic eyes;
She’s buying shoes
And new phones
And Bible devotionals,
For Judas must fit in –
Inconspicuous enough
To confuse both sides –
The sheep and the goats.

For as much as Judas wants strong arms
And clinging pouches
And golden chariots,
She appreciates the occasional
Sermon on the mount
And breaking of bread
And feeding the starved.

Yet she will cut your long locks
Call you Rabbi and watch
As 40 strong men take you away.
And she will take her 30 coins
To the liquor shop,
And will drink her sins away
Hoping that there is some grace
In the grapes, wheat, the barley.

Tell Judas
She’s really kissing herself on the cheek.

Photo: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/christian-clothing-line-big-plans-174745431.html


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