Valentine's Series: Day Eleven : Infinities

Dear Pearl,

I know you mean well when you say forever. But yikes, that word scares some bad things out of me! I like to think of it like this though “Some infinities are bigger than other infinities”. This is our infinity. It’s not you and I till the end of time, but you and I with the most of our time.

I am really not flattering you, I promise. It’s just the way I say things, they sound unbelievable, but maybe that’s coz not everyone is too confident to say those things.

The hardest thing sometimes about being me is that sometimes I expect a mirror expression. I imagine, if I can say things to you a certain way, you can do the same. You learn though, that like fingerprints, we all have a different mark. What matters is how we receive each other. Don’t worry Pearl. What matters is the simple things.

The answered call. The replied text. The “No” when I ask you to read that other book about church. (It’s not a pleasant read, but it will shake up your mind.)

Simple and genuine. It gives me great pleasure when I see that blush you’ve furiously tried to prevent .

I know it’s not so much about impressions. You and I have so much unique to ourselves. (You know I felt a little bit bad when I found out about your frames.)

It’s really about the things that settle after the impressions are shaken. How I can be honest about Reggae and loud places and how you can shun my love for Arsenal and my civil service lifestyle.

When the impressions are shaken and the genuine stuff settles, that’s what’s important.

I can be myself. You can be yourself. I never met an infinity that was based on pretension.

I hate saying goodbye when I see you. Short infinities suck. I’d rather just sit there, if only just to stare. But hey, life is a much bigger infinity, knows how to suck us into it sometimes. But when I get time to pull away, I will, for you.

I am here. It’s the now that matters. I know at the end of the day, if God’s love is what we have, this will be a long infinity.


Rev Nev

P.S I know when I talk too much. You can give me a favourable word count for the next letter. 😛 Muchos Amor.

Dedication: Buttons – Lecrae.


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