In the name of Hope

I greet you again,
In the name of hope –

The one with the bed sores in the cancer ward
The one with the hazy eyes in the psych ward
The one with the negative balance in the bank hall
The one with the empty purse in the shopping mall.
The one throwing a flower down six feet of soil.

I greet you again
In the name of hope –

Hear your heart beating
It hasn’t stopped
Hear your lungs moving
They haven’t stopped
Keep that sacred space in the corner of your heart unoccupied
For we wait regardless the circumstance.

I greet you in the name of hope

It’s that river that never runs dry
That light that never goes out
That word that never leaves the mind
That hand that always holds yours
I greet you and say
Always give it one more day
Even if today seems like the end of days.



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