"If only I had asked her name."

“If only I had asked her name.”

I keep telling myself, two days after I saw her. She was the prettiest sight lately, the most dove eyed beauty to pass my way in a

long time. She, graceful and stately, stood beside me the whole time, and I wish, keep wishing;

“If only I had asked her name.”

Her eyes never danced at all, they were steady.When she looked at me, she would stare deep and not try to rush away. Her smile was

a wine brew, glaring in the light. She was such a beautiful woman,

“If only I had asked her name.”

The Pastor asked us to join hands across the pew, and give thanks for all God’s blessings.Our hands intertwined, she pressed gently

onto mine. My goodness, I felt a tingle, fire warming my veins!And now I am ruing,

“If only I had asked her name.”

The rain was falling, I was last at the door.The wind was blowing, I had no sweater on. Yet each time I looked, at the placid joy

in her eyes, my body was revived, and it was cold no more.

“If only I had asked her name.”

She was gentle, she was beautiful, she was most of those things men dream of . As they asked us to pray, I muttered,

“Father I receive a wife.”

And now I am thinking, constantly deliberating, planning to become an usher so that I may see her again. Maybe I should try the

same seat, same service and hope she does so too. I need to find that woman, coz I think she’ll be my wife.


8 thoughts on “"If only I had asked her name."

  1. First of all i think we go to the same church, Secondly i was sited almost near the door but i am very sure it wasn't me because i am already a wife. I suggest you sit in the same spot next time because usually people tend to keep their seats especially if they are early. Good luck but also next time you receive the wife, take the next step and ask for the name..

  2. Tsk tsk tsk!
    You REALLY didn't ask her name?
    You should attend the school of game,
    Earn a name and rise to fame,
    Because of your game... 😉

    I suggest, you give a testimony every Sunday so you can have the perfect opportunity to scan the church crowd for her. And when you see her, look for the empty seat closest to her ;-)...my 2cents 🙂


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