Ideals, Truths, Deaths and Unusual Men


The Teacher had called everything vanity. Decades of years from the bottom to the top, he came to a point and declared, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

1000 years passed him. 1000 years more. Yet the more men lived and breathed of the air of the Earth, the more they learned the inevitable. It was like the man that flagged off the race. The same man you found as you crossed the finishing line. Vanities of vanities.


It is said, at a time when history was conflicted and changed course, a man of power and authority asked another unusual man, a prisoner actually, who claimed to be witness to the truth;

“What is truth?”

Very often, at least in circles of business, politics, science, entertainment, when we talk about truth, we want to have empiricals. Numbers. Proofs. Measurables. Research is made and deductions given and then we have truth. Or what we call true things. Or generally things we can accept as dependable because they stand on their own without our biases.

“To this end I was born, and for this cause I came into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice. ” The unusual man said.

When you read a lot and hear a range of different interpretations and viewpoints of life from people, you generally draw in and realise, what a mass of conflict! Others would say diversity.

On the radio, Fat DJs will take on Pastors about laws that are unnecessary because men are independent of creator. Pastors will argue the need for morals and preach hellfire. Thinkers will ask for consciousness. Patriots will ask you remember the country. Change makers will ask you to make decisions and so on and so forth.

Each one seems to carry something they call truth. Rightists. Leftists. ISIS. Nazi. Colonialist. Africanist. And more.

The unusual man said – “I am the way, and the truth,and the life.”

The audacity.

In essence, He spoke and said that He was the only thing that made sense and could stand.

A few days ago, scientists came to us and said that the Big Bang Theory was very unlikely and once again after decades of preaching a creationism by chance, the truth is torn down.

Regardless the stability of a civilisation on their thought, culture, science, industry, society, a point comes and one says “It is vanity.” Why? It seems this is a loop of existence. There is a meaninglessness to it. For after all the pain to gain. You fade. Hence many perform feats hoping they will be remembered. That “History will absolve them.” (Rubashov – Darkness at Noon)

The unusual man though.

He dies on the auspice that He is the truth and the way and the life. In a sense – He is the road we walk, the understanding we possess, the energy  of our existence. He goes to a cross. Not for a political idea. No, not a Ghandi. Not for a social idea. MalcolmX. Not for a romantic idea. Valentine. He goes to a cross to point to Himself as truth.

Politicians fail to understand him. Pilate. Religious leaders want to kill him. Businessmen are appalled that he calls money the root of evil.

Truth. He says, He is the truth. He lives and dies to prove this. One step further. He is resurrected. To become the way, the truth and the life of those whose eyes are opened to Him.

What is truth? We ask. The answer might not be political, economic, scientific, for all these fade away….


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