I missed BHH and I feel terrible.

So here I was all looking forward to BHH, probably the last one this year. I had been dreaming about it since the last BHH passed. So I even pimped my look…shaved so that I look younger, and got my Sunday best on! I swore I would enjoy BHH.

Last month I had finally got a “date” with some hot friend of mine and mind you we had set the date three weeks before the actual date. Now the day comes and I fall off a stool…imagine, one hour to the rendezvous. My butt was incapacitated, walking was difficult and gene I had to miss the date! Not gotten another chance ever since..and she laughed when I told her about what happened.

The leg started aching jokingly and I thought “It will be fine by evening time”. So the thing led me on- behaving well for the first half of the day. And then at 1500hrs the pain…I cursed (actually I prayed). This pain was too much for me so I headed home with the thought that somebody is playing foul on me. They do not want me to hang out with cool people..and I know who it is! But greater is He that is in me than that person.

I am really sad I missed, but well, I have to wait again for next year. Anyway friends, I am glad I am a blogger and glad to know you all even without putting face on you. That is why I really feel terrible for having missed BHH. Otherwise, I am still not feeling well. I prolly need to get back home and eat and sleep and do those drugs they gave me.

God bless.


25 thoughts on “I missed BHH and I feel terrible.

  1. Sorry, Nev. But I have laughed at this one. you fell of a stool??
    Gosh! How did you land?

    *You'll be alright. There's always the next BHH, and you can just set up another date with your friend.

  2. Princess is laughing...kale. How did I land?- Imagine you were sitting on a stool and something removed it from under you...

    I will be alright, thanks P.

  3. awww Nev,
    You fell off A STOOL!!!!!

    You know back in the day, the only reason that would happen would be if one was dosing or daydreaming.

    So what were you doing Nev?

  4. Falls of stool laughing out loud.

    Sorry, Nevender. But do make sure you check with your doctor just in case it was serious.

  5. I'm with Mudamuli.

    Get that butt checked. You might have sprained some ... vital muscles.

    BHH rocked. As always.

  6. Risingpage- me was polishing me shoes
    Mudamuli and SK- that stool thing happened like last month, i went to the doc- do you know what they gave me?- Diclofenac

    Yesto was a totally different story..

    Kale you guys are laughing...!!! hmmm

  7. Falling of a stool is actually so funny. I wouldnt supress me laugh.

    About the small ache in the leg that later developed into some heavy pain, thats serious man.
    Hope yu get better soon.

    Otherwise we missed yu at BHH. I met someone new.

  8. Nevender, well survived, whatever caused this most recent discomfort will pass in time, at BHH yesterday we discussed the possibility of the next BHH being held at the nearest shoreline, some people put Jinja, keep your ears and eyes peeked,
    Kiiza says hello

  9. Boy, u shd be ashamed of yourself.!!!!

    How could u miss BHH?

    Damn, nice story about your "incapaciated" butt.

    1500hrs? Dude, don't go all intel on us. Talk 12 hour clocks please. To get that 15hrs I had to count my fingers.

  10. Wama sorry. If I had seen you I would have laughed, but since your leg is paining, I will just smile and say bambi.

    Get well soon.

  11. lmao, Nev I like you but I can't help but laugh....crap happens and you'll be fine soon as you do those drugs -don't listen to antipop.
    Set up another date.

    Shame you had to miss the BHH but there is always another one. Me I always attend.

    Cheri, 1500hrs is 3pm it's not that complicated once you get into the 24hr timing.

  12. @ Emi: you always attend?? Why you spinning like that? 🙂

    @ Ivan: LOL. Couldn't miss outon the 'punning' opportunity, could you?
    How's the tooth?

  13. Princess, Yes!! I always attend

    Cheri munage, I know you have abundant magezi but to go ahead shoot me in the foot eerie when will I get the props?

  14. Excuse me Cheri and Emi-take your argument outside, okay?

    Wama Petesmama thanks for bambying me.
    Johnny,congs on meeting someone new.
    Auntie, I try , I try to stay off them, but you know these docs.
    Walkonby -Jinja?!!! Oh but the trauma!
    Miss Cheri, don't be so gangsta I know I worried you there...hehe and it is incapacitated not incapaciated! Okay?
    Eh...anyway, thanks for all the condolence...i mean consolation.
    Now I am off to a wedding.

  15. I've never heard of a broken butt. And that is going to be the butt of my jokes from henceforth. Thanx for this.

    Oh, sorry bambi. 😀

  16. if it makes you feel any better, I miss BHH every time!!!
    and I fall down stairs..not stools.
    and You will get better, because you just must. End of year parties coming up...and all that shizzi!!!

    get well!!!


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