I did not stop blogging

There’s a happy tune playing in my head- Ayiesha Woods’ “Never”. There’s a retro peace about it that makes it nice to listen to. And it’s not just the tune, the message reminds us that God will never give up on us regardless what we’ve been told or have heard.

Well, seems my last blog post gave the wrong impression. Whereas it noted the demise of the purple heart, it did not mean Nev generally stopped blogging. On the contrary; I intend to continue blogging as far as God can let it. Sadly though, I have not been too well thus the “scarcity” of posts but like I said, by grace I hope to continue posting.

This is Christmas season and hopefully we are all gearing up to spend some quality time with family. Let’s face it, to many of us regardless how great our friends are, family are the closest we have in terms of relationship. It is not uncommon to find mothers and aunts in hospital rooms taking care of their sons and daughters whilst their friends come in only once in a while.

Your family is a gift. This Christmas, give them something back. They love you no matter what. And if they do not, why waste love, love them.

Switchfoot remark in one of their songs- “love is the final fight”. If you find it hard to love someone, that is a worthy challenge-learning to love them. I know… I am doing my fair share of fighting but when love comes easy-treasure it.

See you on Christmas, for now, let me enjoy what’s left of my birthday. Much love guys.

Fly free in God’s love and grace.

Nev, your Nevelator


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