I am not her boyfriend

Yes. I insist.

I am currently going through a time when sincerely, how can anyone think I am their boyfriend..HMM?

So, I get a call while enjoying cell from a number I do not have stored in my phonebook. I say hallo, and hear a female voice on the other side- let us call her Miss Jackson.

Miss Jackson: Hi.
Miss Jackson: Can you tell me the name of your girlfriend?
Nev: Girlfriend? Hahaha. Who wants to know?
Miss Jackson: You’re Nev, aren’t you?
Nev: Why?
Miss Jackson: Just tell me the name of your girlfriend, she’s on the line and is listening.
Nev: Hahaha… Are you serious?
Miss Jackson: You’re nev, aren’t you?
Nev: I am, but why are you asking?
Miss Jackson: I want you to tell me the name of your girlfriend, she is on the line, listening.

(It is 7:22pm, Wednesday, do they do any Doctor Love shows at such a time? Moreover, there is need to report Kasubi tombs and Makerere Uni. This cannot be a radio. If it is, maybe it is Wakasanke Fm.)

Nev: But how can I tell you her name when I have none?
Miss Jackson: She is on the line listening. So you’re saying you have no girlfriend?
Nev: I am single. Nev is a single dude.
Miss Jackson: You’re sure you have no girlfriend?
Nev: I have no girlfriend. I am single.
Miss Jackson: Okay.

(dead tone) She cannot be serious. She just hang up. Hahahaha….

I try calling back two times and Miss Jackson doesn’t pick. I say easy.

I jump back to cell..the hymn we’re singing is ” Bind us together Lord, bind us together, with chords that cannot be broken…..bind us together Lord bind us together, bind us together with Love…..

The irony.

I resume singing the hymn, half laughing! Oh.. my life is interesting… Crank call? They got my name right. So which of you bloggers is upto this? Eh?!!! I have no girlfriend; neither do I have an ex, okay, whoever you are….

It was funny though.

I am hoping to come for BHH though…Rev,I love your new blog. Oh and guys, the porkaty- you’re all invited, as long as you give to Ceasar by 25th March his 10k.

on the radio- Miss Jackson- Outkast.


8 thoughts on “I am not her boyfriend

  1. hahahaha. Like all playas say, "i have no girlfriend". Nev you are s bursted. haha

    Am having so much fun here.

    I didn't do it.

  2. At least for a guy it's less scary to receive such calls. Imagine being a lady and receiving calls from a lady asking you why your number is on her boyfriend's phone. Or you receive a call from a guy who wont give his name but he calls you by a name you use on one of your blogs. He keeps calling every other hour until you block your phone. It has happened to me so many times.

  3. I've hahad women! Instead of asking if you were available they are trying to trap you with some nonsense.


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