Hunger pangs and cows.

My tummy is a pot of boiling porridge. Silence is its taboo when I am very hungry.

Today I saw a cow at the post office. A well formed cow, on its way to its address box I suppose.

Who do you think had sent it a letter? Or perhaps it was on it’s way to send one? I think if it had gone to receive one, it would be from a relative in China. This is what I think would be in the letter, and oh, the cow must have a cow-ish name so maybe Sameer.

Dear Sameer,

I hope you are well and lactating with ease. Here in China, the milk has gone poisonous. They are saying something about a woman called melanin. She seems to be the one who put the poison in the milk. And can you imagine where she put it? Babies’ milk!

At least this time they will not decide to murder us all off like with the “disease”.
Do you know, uncle Pequin and his entire family were killed? That was very sad for us.
But I hope you are fine.

Greeting from China.

I imagine if the cow was sending a letter it would be like this.

Dear Nido,

I am sorry to tell you that your 7th distant cousins lost all their lives last month.
Do you know what killed them? Lightning! At least that’s what they told us in the papers. I was shocked to see all of them, with their wives lying motionless on the ground.

I once saw a tree struck by lightning, and by God was it black! Nido, I am not very clever like you, but what kind of lighting doesn’t make on black?…

I have to go now, I am making a scene. These people think it is strange for cows to send each other mail.


And then my brain goes back to wishing the lunch lady would come!!!


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