How do you process it all?

This is the information age. That means, information falls like rain in the time of Noah’s Flood.

Information is everywhere. It comes daily to your email. By the second on Twitter, moment by moment on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus.

Devotionals come daily. The web is awash with Lists of everything from “How to Make your 20’s fly”, to “How to Fix Your Phone with Glue”. And social media is projecting this all the time.

Everyone’s selling. All the time. Information is aimed so fast, I wonder if there is time to truly process it.

There are articles with 1000+ words on a subject, with about 10 links in them and the same number of ads as you scroll.

I wonder how you process it? Isn’t it overwhelming?

Computers I feel are here for this exact time. Automation is a way of humans saying, they don’t need to process it, let someone else do it. So we create alerts, follow hashtags, feeds, YAKA, Visa payments, etc. Soon we might have machines decide for us what to wear.

You no longer go to a library and look for a book, convenience has brought the book to you.

How do you process it? Do you compartmentalise? Specialise? Compromise? Are you able to truly think for yourself in light of all this information?

Facebook’s algorithms determine what comes to your timeline. Maths apparently predicts better than some prophets. If this comes to your wall, there is probably a keyword you’re interested in.

So are we in this information age still able to keep a part of ourselves mindful, directed, steady, unaffected by all the information daily pouring down our brain?

Look at it this way. Imagine life is a 100km trek to a destination you do not know but is littered with salesmen every step of the way. Some selling science, some art, some books, some music, some sex, some religion, some war, some peace, some fire, some water…and they do this with loud microphones and glaring lights.

How do you process it all?


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