How deep is your love…?

Love is as important as food. Without love, hate devours all life in us and leaves us dry, withered and without empathy for others.

Trails of bloodied innocence.

Accosted by flames of passion,
In a moment he’d become a monster.

One cannot imagine how we get to that point when there is no black, no white just shades of grey. Where we couldn’t make the difference between right and wrong. Where all we wanted was a quick release of tension. A child would became a woman, a woman a child.

He would bang the door shut while the poor old woman banged on it in vain. He would be left alone with the little girl. While the woman wept, releasing a river of sorrow- inside it got quiet.

He removed his belt and told her to undress. Silence.Then wham! He warned her, and asked if she was deaf. He ordered her again. Her eyes gazed at him; they had no fear in them, only light. She looked deeply into his eyes and a smile broke on her face.

He drew back, confounded like a mad man. His passions waning. He attempted to kill the sanity and raised his hand to slap her…

The words struck him like bullets through the heart, he was undone;

“Daddy, I love you.”

The words came out in a tiny peaceful and contented voice. After 3 years of incest, she still loved him- he was her father.


Question: How far does your love go?

Baseline: Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs;
love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. 1Co 13:4-6 (GNB)


9 thoughts on “How deep is your love…?

  1. You know, I am all for the 1Corinthians 13 love, but that story of yours ... Nga it's hard to swallow.

    Three years of incest and she can still say "Daddy I love you"?

    What, she went for a nightlong deliverance session or what?

    I know God can equip us to change. Supernaturally or whatever, but this story, I don't buy. I need to know more of her story.

  2. Think of it like this- what is unchangeable? That which is already perfect! Perfected love has no need to change for it's complete.

  3. Unexplainable..Unfathomable..yet we're supposed to live through life with all the myths and burden love carries on its shoulders.

    I just wanted to add that i truly love the way you write really inspire me each time i come readin your notes..Have a good one...More oil..more inspiration..


  4. @ Sleek--I think the gurl was only tryna express her feelin in a way to me that seems like...daddy even though you hurt me each time you sleep with me..,that i still love you..
    I dont know if Bloom still has any sequel to this but i think i actually understand the untainted and undiluted love the gurl was tryna express to the father despite her situation.

    Hope i was able to help...

  5. why my name came on as annonymous earlier..I wrote the comment immediately after Sleek..

  6. Thanks Trybes, I am honoured. And my intention was to show as you have said the girl's undiluted/perfect love for her father.

    I believe we are called to love like this. It is hard to fathom, many would choose hate, resentment, revenge but what would God do?

    God despite our sinning even though He gave us warnings, never sent fire to clear the whole earth. He tried water once but I think He didn't enjoy that experience,so He gives up His treasure, His bling, His chingy- His son.

    Selfless, giving, love.


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