Horton hears a Who!

Now me and animations are like this; tight. I love animations, especially the ones from Pixar. I am a fan of the Madagascar penguins, Tom and his friend Jerry, Dexter and his sister, etc etc, the list is endless.

The thing with animations is that they are free from the evils of that old liar- PG13!
Imagine you’re watching a PG13 and then there: Someone decided it was a great time to “feel their boobies”. Oops!

Not that animations are totally holy. No. I love the story telling that is in animations. The themes covered are social issues. Remember the Incredibles? About this man’s mid-life crisis?

Anyway, yesterday I finally watched Horton Hears a Who and to be honest with you, I think I will resume writing for children. There are some things so childlike but so truthful that sometimes we miss them. Horton the main character hears a voice screaming out from a tiny speck and for some reason, he becomes devoted to the speck discovering it is a world of its own with real people called Whos and its survival very much depends on Horton.

There is the evil Sour Kangaroo who learning of this and afraid that what he is saying will poison the children’s minds plots to destroy the speck… I would not love to spoil the story if you haven’t watched it but please watch it.

I picked out one thing from the story : A person’s a person, no matter how small.

One may say, oh well, that is obvious; but did you know that the number of persons daily lost in this senseless thing called abortion are 115,000; amounting to 42 million Whos per year? Stats here

Dr Seuss may have been writing a children’s story and some may think that is a silly place to start an anti abortion campaign on the contrary. children are affected by what they hear when growing up, and those things are what shape them into the men and women we see today.

I love animations, I love children’s stories. They speak the truth to a heart that will listen.

(Can you believe non of this was premeditated?) Well, people have a nice week.

I have a zib tho. I am not properly employed yet have to attend two wedding meetings per week. Any advice?


8 thoughts on “Horton hears a Who!

  1. Sitokisi on this one

    I also love animies totally awesome. I watched Horton hears a Who on the B.A flight and thought it would teach kids good morals and how to listen to other people.

    I like Pixar movies compared to Disney coz they make more sense and are more mature.

    I have initiated some few pals into the love for anime and only if I could bring in my parents would I feel complete.

    Weeding meetings? Attend only one session for each, be very active and get busy on all the remaining ones or only make an appearance on the last one and be felt

  2. Being a digital artist of sorts, I live for animated movies/short films/cartoons/anime.

    The works.

    And yes, I watched Horton, good morals indeed.

    Although you missed a PG 13 moment. The part where the mayor is called "a boob" and the phrase keeps popping up all over the place.

    @Emi's, technically, Disney owns Pixar...

  3. Madagascar rocks!!
    << I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, I like to....moooooooovvvvvee it.....>>

  4. @King: oops about the boobs...

    @Emi: you need the very same people at your wedding meetings unless you're filthy rich and can afford to pay for the whole thing yourself and in fact pay guys to come for the meetings.

    @Igis: <<...Physically fit, physically fit,physically physically physically fit...>> Aaah!! The thrill!!

  5. weddings!!! Tht's why am putting off mine for some time now.
    I meant make a big Impact on the one session(single appearance) for each wedding meeting you attend not to be forgotten i.e do something supper nice not necessarily monetary but offering say 1-5 crates of daso's would not go un-noticed instead of attending all of them and doing nothing or just to get paid.

    S.K kinda. Disney is planing a hostile take over of Pixar and it(pixar) got in some bad disney deal and only has some few animie movies to make before getting free from the Disney evil grip (if I remember the story)


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