Hope interred

It’s okay,
Answer me with silence-
Make me the unseen ghost
That makes you twitch in your sleep.

It’s okay,
Answer me with silence
The number you need not know
Te name you need to forget

It’s okay
Answer me with silence
You’re not testing me to trust
Just you turning my peace into dust.

Saying goodbye,
To the you I knew before
A rushed hallo
To your new beginning.

I take the blame,
I’m the one sick with shame.
Exhausted, tired of believing
No wonder I’m the one jaded.

I will count as you walk away
The dreams that you take away,
It is well with my soul
Hope finally laid to rest.

Though my hope interred in history,
The future awakens the contrition
But I shall rest in belief
That life starts anew.

Schisms of hope and fear
Finally put to rest
Maybe after three days
I will raise this heart again.


2 thoughts on “Hope interred

  1. someone said that it seems all ugandan bloggers are going through a slog of pain. maybe we all are, sometimes. But it sure does make us write so damn well. not that the pain here has escaped me. i feel it too.

  2. you're good! really good! for a second there, i thought perhaps that you had reached inside and seen the achings of my heart...the poem's a perfect echo of the tremulous pain that consumes us all at some point in our lives-


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