I would honestly love to present you with poetry up to now unblemished by banal exertion.

Imagine yourself here,
Far from a land diseased by unsure conditions of the atmosphere
Set free in a warm noon sun
Frolicking in cool winds,
Here by my side
Aside the poet with rainbows in his heart.

You would hear him sing arias only perceived by
The ears of the hearts of the youthful soul;
Unwinding the chords of fear,
Releasing your wings of cheer.

Pray I,
To your uncommon ilk
Tender to the heart like South Indian silk,
Replace with a smile, your earthly gloom
For your were woven with God’s own hand loom.

The day I tasted your voice sweet as jam
I ceded to your invisible effortless charm,
But what is sweetness if it lasts for a moment
Yet your honey sticks to the tongue of my ornament.

I beguile not, dear friend
My words are a river from a deep lake-
Partake of them and forget me not
Till we meet someday on some sacred plot.

Thanks for honest friendship.


9 thoughts on “Honestly

  1. It's difficult to say something about a poem in other language but on the first look I can say - well. Greetings 🙂

  2. thanxs for the socks....

    I blush...you are like the sunrise after a long dark night...xx

  3. hi youokay this is so shakespearen, very classic in its style...i dare you to ventureout into free verse more romantist you style, however it is preetty good

  4. Beautiful poetry dude, this is some dope stuff.

    'But what is sweetness if it lasts for a moment
    Yet your honey sticks to the tongue of my ornament.'

    guess what? you and daredevil made my day today.


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