His Favourite.

His Favourite.

The Lord is not one to pick favourites.

Unmoved by clout, chi-ching and bling bling
He doesn’t stoop to degrees, masters or PhDs.
The Lord remains unchanging unchangeable to all.

Unhindered by rags, tattoos or dreadlocks
Unimpressed by Nike, Vuitton or Gabbana
He doesn’t judge you by the scent you’ve worn.

Or the one you’ve faithfully grown.

Merc, Ferrari or Chevrolet
Bare feet, half sandal, *n’egudde olubege.
The Lord will not in fact respond to us
Based on the colour of clay that soon will break.

He comes like a fierce *Kengou
Ready to separate the apparent and the actual
With one move, the Cross, the eternal divider
He removes us from our masquerade.

He has one favourite-
“In whom I am WELL pleased”
He is all fair to Him,
No shadow of turning.

He judges in one manner
And one manner alone
Him who is the swordsman and yet the sword
He has brought us to a Cross.

If we cling on to our lives
The ones defined by labels or lack of
We shall be as the dead who remain dead
Unwilling to  receive the only ONE that lives.
Joel Ntwatwa

*Kengou – Swords Master Japanese)
*N’egudde olubege – worn out shoe.


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