Here's a Note to the Glow

The Glow,
Light subtle,warm and ever so gentle;

I met the Glow. I just did not know it.

You know the kind of person who you meet in passing at first and are warmed up by their instinctive smile. You feel good about it. Smile from your heart, grin a little on the mouth. Yes, the smile warmed you inside, like somebody lit a torch in a cold room.

It happens for about a minute or two and you move on. You glowed when you saw it but soon forgot as you continued walking.

However, you meet again. In a large crowd. You see the Glow. She smiles a wild sunflower smile and even waves! She waves. You’re just so infected by her beams you have no option but smile back and wave! The cold room of your soul keeps warming up.

You think to yourself, wow! That’s one happy soul.

Well, somehow you got to know her name and she got to know yours. In this digital age, NSA are the pros, people are the rookies. So you get to find out emails, URLs, handles etc and before you know it- smiles turn into conversation.

But that’s normal.

So this one day, you meet, not by accident of course; your circles keep on  intersecting. This time she is so happy, her arms open wide and take you in.


There are things that are easy to explain. There are those that are hard to explain. This one lay on the peripheries of both but neither. It was soft vanilla ice cream covered in rich buttery caramel with a touch of melted chocolate topped with sugars and strawberry!

She took me in. Owned me. Put her whole soul into the embrace. Cold room totally warming up. You could feel the cadence of  fire in her skin. Peace in the arms of this Glow.

 So, this note is a little thank you. I’d wait 29 just to spend at least 29 seconds in those brown arms, where there is silence, peace,joy, contentment and gratitude.

Happy Birthday the Glow.


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