Hard Times

It is hard to see God when we are going through tough situations yet that is when we need to. It’s not easy to praise God when things are rough and the waves batter while the wind banters. In the night it is hardest to believe that a “morning” will come. It is very easy to pray and praise and laugh and thank God when things are smooth sailing but when in hopeless, in despair, in loneliness, we feel that God is so inaccessible.

Inadequacy makes me weak and fearful and my ghosts become giants, my fears become fierce. In my addiction, I feel I am powerless, helpless and hopeless, and a fix will be my only solution. God is most necessary in these times yet that is when we walk far from Him.
This sermon has been preached before but it never makes sense until it happens to one. We think we are strong when under a warm sun then suddenly we become weak when the rain comes.

I do not like the rain at all, in fact I would rather God help me get through life with no problems but I find myself the cause of my rain and if not for God, I would forever be hopeless.

I have found out trusting God is hardest in tough times but when one manages it, glorious new days ahead. I am depending on God to bring me through my dark times because unfortunately He alone is my hope. There is no one else to run to. Ultimately I find myself crying out His name and “Whoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.”

I am trusting that He is faithful when He says He will perfect that which concerns me for my only hope is He, God my Abba Father.


2 thoughts on “Hard Times

  1. Aaah, my man,I totally hear you. But our God is indeed a jealous God. Why He can't allow us to do well by ourselves is a hair ripping argument. But that is His way, and i too am learning the hard way to trust Him.
    As the psalmist says, may the Lord give you strength and renew your youth that you may soar like an eagle. Wait for the Lord. Look to the hills from whence your help cometh.


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